Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Eventful Weekend

First, a list of all that happened last weekend. You'll notice a lot of finallys in this section as I had been pursuing these goals for a very long time. I'll go into more detail into each of these points as the week progresses.

- After weeks of hardcore farming, followed by months of not-so-hardcore farming, I finally have an epic flying mount. The final 1000g was courtesy of a friend, and prompted another round of hardcore farming so I can pay him back asap. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with my Swift Purple Windrider.

- The same friend (warrior) and I finally got to Exalted reputation with the Sha'tar in a heroic Mechanar run. He got his shield, and I got my Gavel of Pure Light. In the same run, the final boss, Panthaleaon the Calculator finally dropped my retribution DPS leggings: Vanquisher's Legplates. It had always been Boots of the Pious before this (the Calculator is supposed to be a great boss to kill in that I can use every epic he drops, but it defeats the point when only one keeps dropping over and over again).

- The same friend, and another warrior friend (it's awesome to have warrior friends when you are a healer), and 2 others finally finished some backlogged 5-man group quests in Shadowmoon Valley. No sweet rewards or anything, but the 1000 rep per quest (with Sha'tar and Aldor respectively) was nice.

- I have now come within one Shadow Labyrinth run from getting the 50 spirit shards for a Seal of the Exorcist. Just need Gorefiend Horde to get the buff sometime now.

Due to all these exciting things happening, I could not get the daily quests done daily, and thus lost some gold I could have potentially earned. But can't win them all, I guess.

That's all for now. Coming up tomorrow: why flying mounts are worth the gold. And durability issues in the late/end game.

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