Friday, June 15, 2007

In Ogre Heaven

My second post will set the tone for all posts to come in this blog. There will be no more intellectual, one-word titles (usually) and no fancy quotes to begin with. Most importantly, this blog will be about my escapades in WoW, and occasionally, DotA, two of my favorite games among the plethora that I play. From time to time, I will include tales from real life, mine and others, and excerpts from articles that strike me as significant, potentially life-changing, or (in most cases) just funny. So, without further ado...

Last night, my paladin finally (I'd been stuck for three weeks at a point in the chain) completed the group quests required to start gaining reputation with Ogri'la - a new faction of wizened ogres who have given up their brutalistic nature. Very high up in western Blade's Edge Mountains, it requires a flying mount to access, and the other (still warlike) ogres call it Ogre Heaven. I can now start grinding my way towards being Exalted with Ogri'la for some pretty sweet epic rewards, and the new daily quests offered by these enlightened ogres (and certain Sha'tari Skyguard quests as well) will allow me to quickly accumulate (I'm estimating another three weeks) the further 1100 or so gold I still need for my epic flying mount.

As a thanks for reading my blog today, let me offer you this piece of advice. Do not watch Ocean's Thirteen. Even if you are the most hardcore George Clooney fan, it is simply not worth it. Good Night and Good Luck for the sixteenth time is still better. Even Matt Damon's legendary Chinese skills, way better than Alec Baldwin's 'wo shu yee ge mei guo ren' (this is not Pinyin, this is how he pronounced it) still does not go far enough to save the movie. Besides, just wait a day or two, and you'll find it on YouTube anyway.


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