Thursday, June 21, 2007

Morglue Is Still Retarded

Last night, I ventured out to Terokkar forest, and noticed that Gorefiend horde actually managed to have the pvp buff that allows one to collect spirit shards from the bosses in Auchindoun. Consequently, I put my name down in the Looking For Group channel for Shadow Labyrinth, and went about doing my daily quests.

Then I noticed that a group was looking for just one more (and a healer at that) for Heroic Mana Tombs. Not one to miss an opportunity to collect Badges of Justice and spirit shards, I decided to join despite the warning bells that were sounding in my head seeing the warrior's name: Morglue.

I had grouped with this guy back when my rogue was in the early 30s, and he was hated by mostly everyone of a similar level, in that he'd just randomly invite you to groups without asking. To top that off, he was a bad tank too.

Still, I am all for second chances, especially if it benefits me in some way too, so I just confirmed if he had shadow resist gear (the first boss's melee hits do shadow damage, so shadow resist is absolutely essential) and he mumbled some affirmative reply. Later, we discovered he had none, and was counting on my Shadow Resist Aura for the meagre resist it provides. We even tried to have a warlock with Shadow Resist tank the boss (what with Shadow Ward and all) but that did not work out because the Morglue would pull aggro still, and then run around the whole room, go out of line of sight for heals, and lots of other retarded crap.

Bottom line, Morglue is still retarded.

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