Monday, July 2, 2007

Return to Arenas

Last weekend, as most weekends are, was pretty eventful.

- Remember the 1000g I owed my warrior friend? Paid that off (took slightly longer than I'd have liked), and farmed up 500g of my own.

- Spent some of that on some Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras to finish up my Aldor rep grind. There really was nothing I could use at Exalted, except the improved shoulder enchants. Probably should have gone Scryer for the epic ring, but too late now.

- It took 5 stacks of adamantite bars, but my blacksmithing is now at 360. From here on, I need 6 stacks of felsteel bars to max it out. That comes to 24 stacks of eternium ore, and 36 stacks of fel iron ore. Big expenses coming up ahead.

Now for the big news!

Said warrior friend and I have joined forces in a 2v2 arena team: Death to Smoochy. We pwned a lot of faces last night, albeit with my 500 ms latency, and would probably have gone 9-1 had it not been the lag. Both of us are purely PvP specced (me 41/20, and him Deathwish/Mortal Strike) and that definitely helped too.

My last team did moderately well, but it was frustrating to partner someone who did not log on often, and consequently did not spend much time gearing himself for arenas. We were also experimenting with specs at that point, which could have also contributed to the mediocrity.

Parting words: If you are on the Vindication battlegroup, watch out for us.

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