Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gold Sink

True to my expectations, I had enough arena points to buy my Merciless Gladiator's Ornamented Chestpiece today. I desperately needed a better plate chest for arenas, so needless to say, this has left me elated. Great stats, even greater look. It really accentuates my boobs.

Since I am already rocking 10k life, I decided to add some color into the sockets, and not just go with the stamina gems, which is what most people swear by for PvP, especially since it might also be my PvE chest (until I level my blacksmithing enough to make an Earthpiece Breastplate). I dished out most of my gold to get some Royal Nightseyes (9 healing and 2 mp5) and Luminous Noble Topazes (9 healing and 4 intellect) crafted. On a spree, I took the liberty of replacing the stamina gems I had in my Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders with these as well, intending to replace the cloth shoulders I had been using for a while in PvE. In my overzealousness, I bought out a Sovereign Nightseye by mistake, which I then promptly put back on the auction house. Hopefully, no gold gets wasted there.

On top of all this, I also got the 81 healing to weapon and 35 healing to glove enchants yesterday, leaving me with a miserable 100g in my stash. Of course, a few days of daily quests, and I'll be in a respectable position again.

All this talk of gear means that it is time for a stat check. This screenshot was taken in my arena gear. You'll have to wait another day or so, until I do some theorycrafting on crit rating vs mp5 for a paladin before I finally decide on my PvE set.

Not bad, huh? 12.8k armor means that the rogues and warriors usually have a hard time getting me down before I can get off a few heals, to myself or my partner. And of course, there's always bubble to give me upto 12 seconds of unhindered healing, usually enough for my partner to wreck some serious havoc. The bonus to healing is very nice, because it allows me to keep my partner up through a mortal strike debuff, which is generally my worst nightmare.

10k life means those pesky mages have a hard time bursting me down too (my 104 resilience also helps a bit, and I'm working to increase that). The only problem I have at the moment, and I'm getting to work on it asap is a mana pool of under 10k. Sometimes when the battle becomes one of endurance, I find myself unable to sustain. Of course, this was before my latest spurt in gear, and I'm sure there will be noticeable changes.

Nice to see that gold being put to good use. =)

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