Monday, July 9, 2007

The Real Bubble

An old adage among paladins is to never use Blessing of Protection on oneself if one can use Divine Shield instead. It is divine wisdom indeed, and I paid the price for ignoring it.

Scenario: Warrior and I, against a rogue and a paladin in the Circle of Blood. Rogue on me, warrior on their paladin, handing out the pain. For some strange reason, I decide to use Blessing of Protection instead of Divine Shield, a retarded response probably triggered by the huge barrage of melee hits.

Result: Rogue instantly blinds me. Good rogue, I must say. I use my PvP trinket to get out of it, but by then, I have lost valuable time to heal myself. Not to mention that the wound poison stack stayed on me. I fell, followed soon after by the warrior, as the paladin pumps out heal after another while the rogue does his stunlocking.

15 rating down the drain. I could've kicked myself.

Still, overall, we did quite well, going 7-3 again, to reach a rating of 1622.

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